Category:January 2019 in Switzerland

English: January 2019 in Switzerland - images/pictures taken in Switzerland in this month2019. With CatScan, this allows to browse any Switzerland-related category by year or month. Images should be placed directly in this category, not in subcategories.
  • The date (month + year) is not the date of the upload (compare with the upload date) nor the date a photo was scanned (can be in exif).

Avoid adding images to month categories with unclear dates (sample). Ideally the date is in {{Information}} and camera exif data.

Note: Images illustrating events of 2019 should be added into Category:2019 events in Switzerland. If the pictures were taken this month of 2019, they should be added here as well.
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English: Note: Images from 2019 should be also added into the appropriate province, territory or city category of Category:2019 in Switzerland.
Français : Note : les images de ce mois doivent être ajoutées également dans les sous-catégories appropriées, par province, territoire ou ville, de la catégorie 2019 au Suisse.


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