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Deutsch: Jonathan W. A. Zenneck (* 15. April 1871 in Ruppertshofen; † 8. April 1959 in Althegnenberg; beigesetzt auf dem Bogenhausener Friedhof in München) war ein deutscher Physiker, Funkpionier, Ionosphären-Forscher und Miterfinder der Kathodenstrahlröhre.
English: Jonathan Adolf Wilhelm Zenneck (April 15, 1871 - April 8, 1959) was a physicist and electrical engineer. Zenneck was born in Ruppertshofen, Württemberg. Zenneck contributed to researches in radio circuit performance and to the scientific and educational contributions to the literature of the pioneer radio art. Zenneck improved the Braun vacuum tube. Zenneck added deflector coils which allowed the direct reception of signals.
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