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Հայերեն: քամանչա k’amanča
Azərbaycanca: Kamança
فارسی: کمانچه - violinette
Türkçe: Kamança
Deutsch: Kamancheh
English: Kamancheh, Kamānche, Kamāncha
Español: Kamanche
Français : Kamânche
Norsk nynorsk: Kamandjeh
Slovenčina: Kamandža
This category concerns the Persian kamancheh, also known as "spiked fiddle".
For the related but different Potian Greek, Turkish or Armenian instrument, see Category:Kemenches.

Kamancheh, kamānche or kamāncha (Persian:کمانچه) is a Persian bowed string instrument related to the bowed rebab, the historical ancestor of the kamancheh,[1] and also to the bowed lira of the Byzantine Empire (Byzantine lyra), ancestor of the European violin family. Also related to similar instrument Kemenche; historically, rebab-style Kemençe was known in Persia in 13th century (Meragi, c.1400).[1]

The kamancheh is a viola-size small string instrument played with a variable-tension bow, and the word "kamancheh" means "little bow" in Persian (kæman, bow, and -cheh, diminutive). In English, it is sometimes called the spiked fiddle, because a spike protrudes from the bottom to support the instrument during the playing.

The kamancheh is widely used in the classical music of Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, with slight variations in the structure of the instrument. In Kashmir, kamancha is known as saaz-i-kashmir.

See also Category:Rebab, Category:Rebab (hemispherical), Category:Kemenches, and Category:Byzantine lyra.


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    (In English: "Kemançe (Kemançe) ... The name of the instrument varies from region to region. Kamange, Saz-e Kashmir, Caze, and Gicak. This change is seen in connection with the shape. Different versions of the Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey and the Middle East is seen. ... Rebab: ... This instrument is known to the Arabs and Iranians. Iranians used to play plectrum or manually. According to the Persia literature at the Mevlana Rumi (d.1273) era, Rebab-style Kemençe is still seen as an instrument of a century later (Meragi, c.1400) began to be called kut.")


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