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English: Kumdo is the modern martial art of kendo as practiced in Korea. It is also romanized as kǒmdo, gumdo, or geomdo. The name means "the way of the sword," and is a cognate with the Japanese term. Kumdo is a martial art that has become engrained within Korean culture and society since being introduced from Japan. The term kumdo has within recent history also been used as a generic term for other Korean martial arts based upon swrodsmanship and caution should be exercised so as not to confuse Kumdo with martial arts of Korean origin such as Haidong Gumdo and Hankumdo. Although identical to kendo, minor superficial differences exist due to appropriation and acculturation of kendo. Such differences include the use of native terminology, the use of blue referee flags in contrast to red flags. Furthermore, hakama without koshiita and hakama that use velcro rather than be tied have been developed within Korea, and can be seen in use along side traditional hakama.
한국어: 검도(劍道, )는 두 사람이 호구를 착용하고 죽도로 상대방의 머리, 목, 손목, 허리의 격자 부위를 치거나 찔러서 승부를 결정짓는 스포츠화된 무예이다. 일본사무라이의 검술이 스포츠화 된 것으로, 한국에는 일제 강점기에 전해져 지금에 이르렀다. 검도(劍道)라는 이름처럼 진검을 사용하기도 하지만 일반적으로 죽도 (竹刀)를 사용한다.

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