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Kyl kyyak (or Kyl kiak, Qyl-qyiyak, Kiak, Kyyak;  In Kyrgyz: кыл кыяк [qɯl qɯˈjɑq]) is a stringed musical instrument used in Kyrgyz music. The instrument is carved from a single piece of wood (typically apricot) and typically measures 60–70 cm. It has 2 strings, one to provide melody and the other resonance. The kyl kyyak is played vertically with a bow and can be played on horseback. The strings and bow are normally made from horse hair and many instruments feature a carved horse's head. This all reflects the importance of the horse in Kyrgyz rural culture.

For similar shaped instruments, see Ghaychak (Persia), Kobyz (Kazakhstan), Kyl kyyak (Kyrgyzstan), Sarinda (India & Nepali), Dhodro banam (Santhals in East India) Sarangi (Nepali), etc.

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