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ATR 42-300/F
cn/serial number: 067
*Aero Trasporti Italiani 1988-1989 as I-ATRK
*Avianova 1989-1995 as I-ATRK
*Air Dolomiti 1995-1996 as F-OHFH
*Air Sicilia 1996-1997 as F-OHFH
*Air Nostrum 1997-1998 as F-OHFH
*Air Sicilia 1998-1999 as F-OHFH
*Northern Air Cargo 2003-2006 as N42NC
*DOT LT 2006-2007 as LY-ETM
*Aviavilsa 2007-2015 as LY-ETM
*Bright Flight 2015 to date as LZ-ETM

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