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العربية: ليليث هي شخصية مثولوجية أنثوية بابلية عراقية قديمة
اردو: عفریتِ شب یا لیلیت کا ذکر یسعیاہ باب 34 آیت 17 میں ادوم کی تباہی کے سلسلے میں پایا جاتا ہے۔
English: Lilith is a mythological night demon from Mesopotamia (Babylon); according to some parts of the Judeo-Christian tradition, also either Adam's first wife or the Devil's/Samael's lover. In the arts, often depicted as a temptress and/or with owls, which is her symbolic bird. She is also said to be the serpent of Eden and is often shown with the upper torso of a woman and the tail of a serpent.
Français : Lilith est, à l’Éden, dans la Bible, la première femme et la première compagne d’Adam, avant Ève.


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