Note the names: Felix, Turicum, Regula
Closer view of "Regula"
Note the name "Felix"
English: The fleet of the Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (ZSG) includes three nearly identical Limmatboote (Limmat boats). All were built by Bodan-Werft:
  • «Turicum» (Zürich's Roman name), built in 1992
  • «Felix» (one of the 'city' Saints of Zürich), 1993
  • «Regula» (one of the 'city' Saints of Zürich), 1993
From April to November, they offer round trips on the Limmat river, beginning at Landesmuseum, and on lower Zürichsee, stops Bürkliplatz, Wollishofen and Zürichhorn (Seefeld quarter).

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