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Lincolnshire WildlifeEdit

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Basically a photo album where editors, article writers, and the like, can select appropriate images to add/aid to/in their ventures. All manner of wildlife is acceptable, yes flora, and fauna. Please no pets, they will be deleted too.

Lincolnshires Wildlife PlacesEdit

There are many, in Lincoln alone you will be spoil for choice.

The Hartsholme Country Park & Swanholme Lakes Local Nature Reserve, well with in the confines of Lincoln City boundary.

Boultham Park, with its small lake and woods, in fact it has produced some rare invertebrates, and wildfowl over the years.

Boultham Mere Nature Reserve, not to far from the City center, a wildfowl haven, quite a few not often seen species have been recorded from this location.

The Backies Wild Flower Meadow, a relatively new introduction to a very old site. It has many recorded firsts for south Lincolnshire, what's even better it just outside my backdoor.

Not even half of the wildlife sites in and around Lincoln City, loads for you to come and visit.

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