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English: The original single-truck car 275 with 1901 Brill “toast rack” body was rebodied between 1932 and 1935 in CCFL’s “standard” style. In the early 1950s, when small fenders replaced the old “cow-catchers”, it was uniquely fitted with ends shaped like those of most bogie cars (“xarroco” type). In the 1980s, when it was adapted to single-crew operation, these were changed back to “standard” style. It had its last commercial run on 1992.12.12; went by its own means to Santo Amaro depot on 1995.09.14, where it was dismantled. Its box was used in 1995 to assemble the new “remodelado” car 562.

There is an earlier, unrelated car 562 — built in 1931 and adapted as the unidirectional car 776 in 1985. Retired in 1996, in 2003 this car was sold and in 2004 stayed at a junkyard in Cripple Creek (38°45′52″N 105°12′18″W / 38.76439°N 105.20499°W / 38.76439; -105.20499 in Colorado, U.S.)[1], along with CCFL 762, whencefrom it was taken to neighbouring Victor (38°42′37″N 105°08′21″W / 38.71023°N 105.13909°W / 38.71023; -105.13909)[2][3], where it was planned for a local heritage ride in the early 2010s[4].

(Main source: Mário Vieira (compil.): Lisboa – Listagem de Eléctricos. Lisboa, 2014.02)


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