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English: Built in 1906 by Brill in Philadelphia and delivered to CCFL as part of its series. Rebodied from “xarroco” to “standard” style in ~1932, with two rows of 4 square roof vents. Its cow-catchers were replaced with 3-beam fenders in the ~1940s. It had originally two single-seat rows, changed to two pair-seat rows in ~1979. It was adapted to one-man operation in the 1980s. It was withdrawn from regular service in the early 1990s and sold to a private interest, being held in storage at the CSA Ribeira depot until Feb. 1998. It was taken to Britain by Essex enthusiast Roger Harvey (owner of several Lisbon trams), its carbody stored under sheeting in the open in Walton-on-the-Naze and the remainder held by the Crich Museum. (Main source: Mário Vieira (compil.): Lisboa – Listagem de Eléctricos. Lisboa, 2014.02)


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