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English: The London United Busways Ltd is a London bus operator that was incorporated on 14 December 1988 as part of the splitting up of London Buses Ltd, which was one of the stages in the process of privatisation of London bus services. As a London Buses subsidiary, it adopted the brand name of London United alongside a logo representing the crest of the former London United Tramways, which appeared on buses in addition to the uniform branding already being used by London Buses before the split. The company was fully privatised on 4 November 1994 when it was sold to its management (using a holding company, incorporated as Simco 553 Ltd on 3 August 1993, then renamed London United Busways 1994 Ltd on 17 October 1994 and London United Ltd on 14 November 2002). In private hands, the livery was adapted from the London Buses scheme, retaining the red livery and grey skirt, but removing the white mid-level relief line, adding a light grey roof, and using different white relief lines to separate the red from the grey of the roof and the skirt. The London United identity was kept, but adapted to increase and colourise the fleetname and crest. On 5 August 1997 the company was sold to the Transdev Group. Aside from the addition of Transdev logos, the takeover did not see the removal of the London United livery and identity until many years later in 2006, when United and its other London operations all received a common Transdev logo. This logo was simply 'Transdev' in white lettering, replacing on United vehicles the London United name and the crest. Presumably due to subesequent changes in the London Bus Services livery specification, this Transdev livery was further adapted to contain a higher percentage of red, losing both the grey roof and the two white relief lines, leaving just the grey skirt to relieve the red livery, and again to eventually see the removal of even the grey skirt. On 3 March 2011, due to changes in the ownership of Transdev, London United Busways Ltd was transferred to the RATP Group. This saw the London United identity was restored, but this time represented simply by a London United fleetname in white without the crest, with 'RATP Group' and their logo beneath it.


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