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English: Lucipara was built 1885 as a iron four-masted fullrigged ship by Russell & Co. (Yard No 115), Glasgow for P. Denniston & Co., Glasgow. 1890 converted to a barque rig. 1911 sold to J.E. Gustafsson, Mariehamn, Åland, 1917 to M. Lundquist, Mariehamn, Åland and in the same year to M.A. Gustafsson, Vårdö, Åland. The barque sunk 1917 by a German submarine. The entire crew was rescued.
Her dimensions were c. Length: 267.2 ft (81.4 m); Width: 40.3 ft (12.2 m); Depth: 24 ft (731.5 cm)
dimensions QS:P2043,267.2U3710;P2049,40.3U3710;P5524,24U3710
and she had a tonnage of 1943 GRT and 1863 NRT.[1][2][3]

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