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English: Major Israel McCreight ( Oglala Lakota: Cante Tanke ("Great Heart) in Standard Lakota Orthography) (April 22, 1865 - October 13, 1958) is notable in American history as an expert on Native American culture and policy and the author of President Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation policy on public education. McCreight was a founder of the the Pennsylvania Conservation Association and the author of Cook Forest State Park, the first Pennsylvania State Park acquired to preserve a natural landmark. McCreight dedicated his life to public education about Native American culture and was a nominee for U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs. McCreight collaborated with Flying Hawk, an Oglala Lakota Chief, to write an Native American’s view of U.S. history and classic accounts of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Crazy Horse and commentaries on Native American philosophy. The Wigwam, McCreight’s home in Du Bois, was a meeting place for Native Americans and an education center.


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