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Category:Media missing infobox template

English: Pages missing Template:Information or other official Infobox templates. As of end of 2014, there were ~700k files in this category, see here. Part of File metadata cleanup drive.
Deutsch: Mediendateien ohne Template:Information.
Español: Páginas a las que le faltan la Plantilla Información u otras plantillas oficiales de Infobox. Al final de 2014, había ~700k archivos en esta categoría, vea aquí. Parte de la unidad de limpieza de metadatos de archivo.

To add {{Information}}, one should use Magnus' add_information.php tool; this is also available as a gadget in your settings (or insert the following text with variables):

 | description =
 | date =
 | source =
 | author =
 | permission =
 | other fields = 
 | other versions =

See Commons:Infoboxes for other infoboxes which might be better. After adding infobox template, please remove the file from this category. Use this PetScan query to find files that can be removed from this category. Use this PetScan query to find new uploads missing infobox templates.

This category contains 316,771 files which is 0.59% of all 53,930,251 files in Wikimedia Commons.


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