Category:Media uploaded without a license

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These files have been uploaded without a license. In Category:Media without a license instead are the files which have been tagged with a problem template (includes uploader notification) indicating no license.

  • This category page is sorted by day of upload (descending) and then by last edit to file page (descending): usually the newest files first, oldest last.
  • List of all untagged (with real problem templates) files in this cat CatScan (wait! - takes 6-140 seconds to run)
  • Use this CatScan query to find files in this category that DO have a license, which might or might not be correct.
  • Actions to take: if the file is okay, or has a license now: remove uwltag. If not: tag with some problem tag ({{Copyvio}}, {{subst:nld}}, {{subst:nsd}}, ... via QuickDelete gadget) / delete

See Template:uwl for technical info. See Category:Media without a license: needs history check for non-recent files without license.

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