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For evolution of Mandolin family instruments, see category: Gittern, Mandore (instrument), Baroque mandolins and Classical mandolins.
For evolution of Guitar family instruments, see category: Gittern, Vihuelas, Baroque guitars and Romantic guitars.
For similar-shape string instruments, see category: Rebec and Komuz.


  • The Citole Project. "The citole appears in Europe somewhere around the end of the 12th century. It seems to have evolved slowly from the classical and late antiquity period instrument called the cithara, which was a kind of lyre...The image on the left is from the Bible of Charles the Bald from the 9th century -the one on the right, from the Utrecht Psalter, Psalm 43, also from the 9th century. These show the cithara in transition to the new form of instrument. "
  • Dante's Journey to Polyphony By Francesco Ciabattoni. "There is evidence of citharae shaped like a lute, that is with a neck and an elongated body, even before the 12th century: the Golden Psalter of St Gall depicts King David wielding an instrument...this instrument resembles a lute more than a cythara [lyre]...Further evidence appears in the Stuttgart Psalter...several images of an the text, next to all these miniatures, the instrument is called a cythara..."

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