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Category:Medway (ship, 1902)

English:Medway‘ was a four-masted steel barque built in 1902 by Archibald McMillan & Sons, Dumbarton with the name of ‚Ama Begoñakoa‘ (for Compania Navigazion Sota y Aznar, Montevideo, as a sail training ship for Uruguay[1]). Rigged with royal sails over double top- and topgallant sails. 1910 renamed in ‚Medway‘ and 1918 in ‚Myr Shell‘ (motortanker at Hong Kong). Dimensions 91,44×13,15×7,51 meters [300'0"×43'2"×24'8"] and tonnage 2516 GRT and 2356 NRT. Equipped with two deeptanks midships with a total capacity of 1500 tons of water ballast. 1933 broken up in Japan after having served as a depot ship in Singapore[2].


  • Ama Begoñakoa (1902—1910)
  • Medway (1910—1918)
  • Myr Shell (1918—1933)