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English: The Metropolitan Methodist Church was located on the southwest corner of C Street NW and 4½ Street (now John Marshall Place), Washington, D.C. Construction on the church started in 1854 but was interrupted by the Civil War, and the church was dedicated in 1869. The steeple was not finished until 1872, and at 240 feet high was the tallest privately owned building at the time. The spire was torn down in 1935, and the rest of the church was torn down in 1956. The architects were Teckritz and Mundell, of New York. The site today is the Canadian Embassy [this should be verified]. The street shown no longer exists: half of it is now John Marshall Place Park. The statue though still exists in that same area, but on a shorter pedestal -- the pillar is gone. - (lightly edited from remarks by Carl Lindberg, originally made at User talk:Jmabel/Stereo cards of Washington, D.C.)

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