Category:Mithraic tauroctony Louvre AO22256

Tauroctony: Mithras slaying the bull.
Date 389
Medium white marble
Dimensions Height: 72 cm (28.3 ″); Width: 89 cm (35 ″); Depth: 23 cm (9 ″)
dimensions QS:P2048,72U174728;P2049,89U174728;P5524,23U174728
institution QS:P195,Q19675
Current location
Orient méditerranéen dans l'empire romain, room 3a: Statues et mobilier du culte. Denon, Entresol.
This work is part of the collections of the Louvre (Department of Near Eastern Antiquities).
Accession number
AO 22256 Info non-talk.svg
Object history
  • : discovered by Edmond Durighello (Sidon)
  • collection of Louis Péretié
  • collection of Louis de Clercq
  • : given by Henri de Boisgelin
Inscriptions [[I,] Fl. Gerontios, pater nominos of the rites of initiation of the god, in thanks I have consecrated [this statue] in the year 500. (The "year 500" is uncertain. If it is the 500th year of the Seleucid Era (AS), then 500 AS = 188 A.D. If it is following a local Sidon year-table, it is 398 A.D.1)]
References Musée du Louvre, Atlas database: entry 37407