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English: Morris Ten

Announced 1 September 1932. (Morris Ten and not Morris Ten-Four)
Shares with range wire wheels, new type mudguarding; domed wings and wing sideshields Ten-four

  • Chassis £127.10.0
  • Saloon with fixed or sliding head £165 or £169.10.0
  • Special coupé with sliding head £195
4-cylinder engine 63.5 x 102mm = 1292cc
Nominal horsepower 10
Output 24 hp @ 3200 rpm (in April 1934 27.5 @ 3400 rpm)
Wheelbase 8ft 0inches, Track 4ft 0inches
Weight 19cwt 3qr
Weight nearly 21cwt (as in road test reported in The TImes of 18 April 1934)

Ten-six (and now a Ten-Four not Ten)

  • Six-cylinder engine announced 28 August 1933.
    Short-lived model but still advertised August 1934
    The Times published a road test 29 January 1935 which gives it very faint praise
    Available as:
Fixed or sliding head saloon, Travellers' saloon
Special coupé, tourer or two-seater
6-cylinder side-valve engine 57 x 90mm = 1378cc
Nominal horsepower 12 though called The Ten(-Six)
Tax rating 12.09 hp
Wheelbase 8ft 6inches, Track 4ft 0inches. (wheelbase 6 inches longer than the Ten-Four and same as Cowley Four)
Weight 21½cwt

Ten-four Series II Updated shape (for Ten and Twelve) announced 17 May 1935.
Within-wheelbase seating.
Built-in luggage accommodation.
Wire wheels

from November 1936 easy-clean wheels available at no extra cost.
  • Series II and III
Wheelbase 8ft 4inches, Track 4ft 2inches
Weight 20cwt 3qr

Ten-four Series III August 1937

New overhead valve cylinder head

New Car 1938 (unitary construction)

  • Series M announced August 1938 - would last until 1948
Engine: 4-cylinders 63.5 x 90mm = 1140cc ohv
Rated horsepower 9.99
Wheelbase 7ft 10inches, Track 4ft 2inches
Weight 18¾cwt


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