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capital and most populous city of Russia
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Instance of
Part of
Named after
Patron saint
Located in or next to body of water
Legislative body
Executive body
Highest judicial authority
  • Constitutional (charter) court of a subject of the Russian Federation
Official language
  • Moya Moskva (1995–)
Head of government
Party chief representative
  • Yury Anatolyevich Prokofiev (First Secretary of the Moscow Communist Party, 1989–1991)
  • Lev Zaykov (First Secretary of the Moscow Communist Party, 1987–1989)
  • Boris Yeltsin (First Secretary of the Moscow Communist Party, 1985–1987)
Has use
Founded by
  • unknown value (before 1147)
Significant event
  • sack (Mongol invasion of Kievan Rus', 1238)
  • Siege of Moscow in 1238 (1238)
  • plague epidemic (1353)
  • conflagration (Всесвятский пожар, 1365)
  • siege (Lithuanian–Muscovite War, 1368)
  • siege (Lithuanian–Muscovite War, 1370)
  • Siege of Moscow (1382)
  • Q19772481 (1408)
  • Q55658749 (1439)
  • Q28667906 (1488)
  • Q4242944 (1521)
  • Fire of Moscow (1547)
  • death by burning (Fire of Moscow, Devlet I Giray, 1571)
  • Fire of Moscow (1591)
  • Siege of Moscow (1606) (1606)
  • Tushino Camp (1608)
  • Polish-Lithuanian occupation of Moscow (1610–1612)
  • Siege of Moscow (1618)
  • Fire of Moscow (1812 (in Julian calendar) – 1812 (in Julian calendar))
  • French occupation of Moscow (1812–1812)
  • Plague Riot (1771–1771)
  • General Plan for reconstruction of Moscow (1935)
  • Moscow Metro (1935–)
  • Evacuation in the Soviet Union (1940s)
  • Battle of Moscow (1941–1942)
  • Q4303937 (1941, 1941–1941)
  • 1980 Summer Olympics (1980)
  • 850th Anniversary of Moscow (1997, –1997)
  • 12,455,682 (2021)
  • 2,562 ±1 km²
Elevation above sea level
  • 156 m
IATA airport code
  • MOW
Different from
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55° 45′ 21″ N, 37° 37′ 04″ E
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