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At the bottom section of the Redwall Limestone, vertical erosion lines, in an erosion resistant "Redwall", is a more 'horizontally' laying (not eroded vertically), layer of Muav Limestone; it is sometimes, or often, a cliff-shelf, that the Redwall sits upon, then continues in a slope down to a bottom erosion resistant thin cliff, of more Muav Limestone(?). The Bright Angel Shale, highly erodable, slope-forming, greenish colored, slopes are thicker below the Muav Limestone, but in some views (photos, locations), the Muav and Bright Angel seem to appear almost equal in thickness (eroded, at, slope-angles). Mostly the Bright Angel is the bottom section, up to 70 percent of the eroded slope (and some photos, the color differentiation between the two geologic units is striking, (grayish versus dull greenish)). The Tower of Set, (Category:Tower of Set), southwest of Bright Angel Canyon, and on Granite Gorge, shows the shelf-cliff.


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