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Category:Multiple units, motor coaches and railcars of Ukraine

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AS1A of Ukraine(5 F)
D1 of Ukraine(49 F)
DEL-02(10 F)
DPKr2(1 C, 5 F)
DPL1(11 F)
DPL2(4 F)
DR1 of Ukraine(2 C)
CS Class M 11.0(2 F)
Pesa 620M of Ukraine(1 C, 13 F)
RShP-48(8 F)
81-7021/7022(1 C, 8 F)
81-7036/7037(5 C)
81-718/719(2 C, 5 F)
E in Kiev Metro(4 C, 1 F)
E-KM subway trains(3 C, 10 F)
ED2T(4 C, 73 F)
ED9(7 C)
EKr1(1 C, 12 F)
EPL2T(1 C, 48 F)
EPL9T(1 C, 15 F)
ER1 of Ukraine(31 F)
ER2 of Ukraine(2 C, 21 F)
ER2R of Ukraine(2 F)
ER2T of Ukraine(17 F)
ER9 of Ukraine(3 C, 2 F)
HRCS2(21 F)
S (electric trains)(3 C, 13 F)
UZ Class 675(11 F)


This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.