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(bg) Крепостна корона · (ca) Corona mural · (de) Mauerkrone · (es) Corona mural · (fi) Muurikruunu · (gl) Coroa mural · (hu) Corona muralis · (it) Corona muraria · (ja) 城壁冠 · (ka) ოქროს გვირგვინი · (nl) Muurkroon · (no) Murkrone · (pl) Corona muralis · (pt) Coroa mural · (ro) Coroană murală · (sv) Murkrona · (zh) 壁形金冠 · +/−

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Pictogram voting info.svg Info For crowns as external ornament, see Category:Mural crowns in crest.
Pictogram voting info.svg Info For crowns as charge (on a shield), see Category:Mural crowns in heraldry.


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