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Nardan Co, Ltd., Nishi-ku, Nagoya

Nardan was one of the early acoustic guitar manufacturer and supplier in Nagoya, Japan during 1950s-1960s (or later), along with Suzuki Violin (1887 establishments; guitar making was started at Ena factory in 1914), Kasuga Gakki (1934-1980s), Terada Gakki (1912 establishments; guitar making was since 1930s), Yairi Guitar (K.Yairi, Alvarez-Yairi) (1935-), and S.Yairi (1938-1982) in Nagoya (K. Yairi was later relocated to Kani), Kiso Suzuki Violin (1951-1985) in Kiso-fukushima, Chaki in Kyoto, and Maruha in Fukuoka. Nardan's arched-top guitars were known to be supplied to Teisco.

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