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Category:Northeastern Pennsylvania Topomaps, USGS MRC40075-series of (corners:N40xW75 to N41xW76)

English: This category is Large Public Domain digital images Pennsylvania that are sourced or derivative of section or quadrant maps published in the public domain by the United States Geological Survey.
  • For example of correct placement are maps labeled "USGS 15 Minute Series" and "TUVWXYZ Quadrant", or other such standard series.
  • Cut maps, derived of these or independently produced should be in the states parent category for Topographic maps: Category:Topographic maps of Pennsylvania.
  • Subcategories and maps in this schema should conform where possible in their naming to incorporate the state, region of state and the USGS MRC code identification numbering over a one degree by one degree section, which should be specified.
  • Ideally derivative Map file titles will also comply with a similar naming schema; See the contents of Northeastern Pennsylvania Topomaps, USGS MRC40075-series of (corners:N40xW75 to N41xW76) for some examples of how that might be organized.
  • The MRC schema is an identification number, followed by an eight (rows, letters) by eight (cols, numbers) matrix coded A1 ... G8 (Organized: Lower East corner to Upper West corner).