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The Suffrage (1913)
"The Suffrage" (1913), by Veloso Salgado. The oil painting depicts an allegory of the victory of the Portuguese Republican Party (Partido Republicano Português) in the 1908 municipal elections in Lisbon (1 November, 1908). Depicted in the picture are the allegorical figures of Suffrage (the sitting man clutching the urn and the red flag saying "SUFFRAGIO") and Republic (the women leading the crowd to the urn), presiding over the electoral act in the Municipal Square (Largo do Município) in Lisbon, while the crowd gathers around them. Heading the crowd and closest to the urn, are several leaders of the Republican Party, including four future Presidents of the Portuguese Republic (Manuel de Arriaga, Teófilo Braga, Bernardino Machado, and António José de Almeida). In the background, one can see the imposing façade of the Lisbon Town Hall, and on the deep background, to the left, the Lisbon Cathedral (at the time under restoration). This painting is currently in the Museum of Lisbon. O Sufrágio (1913) - Veloso Salgado.png

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