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  • Bob Beecher. What Was the Omnitonic Horn? : A mere footnote in the development of horn design. The Early Valved Horn, Horn Articles Online. ASU Horn Studio, Arizona State University School of Music.
    "It has been suggested that valved and omnitonic horns were invented for the same reasons [Morley-Pegge, 55]. ... The first omnitonic horn was constructed ca. 1815 by J.-B. Dupont of Paris [ibid, 57]. ... While the mechanism of the omnitonic horn outwardly had the same function as the valve, that of changing the length of the horn, the ultimate purpose of the mechanism was different. The omnitonic horn is not a fully chromatic instrument, and could not be performed upon as such. The key changing mechanism was not designed to be operated instantaneously while playing and the instrument could not perform music more complicated than that of the natural horn, as it relied on the usage of the right hand in the bell to perform chromatic passages. ... The most successful omnitonic horn was introduced in 1824 by Charles Sax (1791-1865) of Brussels [ibid]. This design was reviewed in an article by French musicologist, critic, and composer F. J. Fétis (1784-1871) in Revue Musicale."
  • Cor omnitonique (1833), Attributed to Charles Joseph Sax. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    "Maker: Attributed to Charles Joseph Sax (Belgian, Dinant, Belgium 1790–1865 Paris) / Date: 1833 / Geography: Brussels, Belgium / Culture: Belgian / Medium: Brass / Dimensions: L. 21 5/8 × ( L. perpendicular to bell 16 5/8) x Bell diam. 11 7/16 in. (55 × 42.3 x 29 cm) / Classification: Aerophone-Lip Vibrated / Credit Line: The Crosby Brown Collection of Musical Instruments, 1889 / Accession Number: 89.4.2418",
    "The loops of tubing incorporated into the body of this innovative natural horn allow the player to change the instrument’s pitch by using the long plunger to set the instrument in the desired key. On traditional natural horns, this was accomplished by using one of the large set of detachable 'crooks'. ..."

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