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Frank Schwarz was born in the east of Germany in a town called "Jena" in 19.07.1976. His parents moved to the capitlistic part in the year 1981 in the town "Kempten" in the south of Germany. There he lived until the year 2002. In 2002 he began his studies of social work in "Hildesheim". In 2006 he finished his career and moved to Guadalajara in Mexico. There he is teaching german until now.

Expositions: 1. In his first studio 1999 with the name "tiefblau" in Kempten Germany. 2. In the "Stadtsäge" which is part of the company AÜW in the year 2001 with the name "buntes schwarz" 3. In the archeaological park cambodunum APC in the year 2002 with the title "Schwarzarbeit" 4. In the year 2009 he will make his first exposition in Mexico in the school ICI, in september.

In the beginning he painted mostly in black. Because his familyname "Schwarz" stands for this color. After a long time he started to paint again in the year 2006. His paintings are caracterized by strong acrylic colors on canvas. The main part from the paintings are squares.

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