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English: The Pinmore was a four-masted fullrigged steel ship built in 1882 by John Reid & Co., Port Glasgow (Yard No 7A) for Diamond "K" Co. (John Kerr & Co.), Greenock. In 1885 she reduced to barque rig. In 1901 the ship was leaky and which was temporariely repaired. Later slipped the sand ballast into a storm. The vessel had 45 ° angle and was abandoned. Ten crew members came lost their lives in the boats. A Tug of Portland hid the Pinmore. 1917 captured by the German raider Seeadler off the coast of Argentina on voyage from Buenos Ayres to England with a cargo of saltpetre. The capturer Count Felix von Luckner sailed the Pinmore into Rio de la Plata to buy stores and then returned to the Seeadler which had been waiting off the coast. The Pinmore was subsequently sunk.
The dimension of the Pinmore were: length x beam x depht: 310.6 × 43.6 × 24.6 ft (94.6 × 13.2 × 7.4 m) and she had a tonnage of 2431 GRT, 2358 NRT and 2266 tons under deck.[1]

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