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  • Gregg Miner. Classical Guitar & Unique Mandolins. Miner Music. "The piccolo mandolin is so named because of its size and shape, but would more accurately be termed a "pocket mandolin" since it was probably tuned to normal mandolin pitch (which is already plenty high!). See a true piccolo mandolin here and a pocket mandolin ad here (I was right, after all!)."
  • Brino Means Security. catalog (early 20th century). "Pocket Mandolins: Total Legth, 21 1/2 inches; Width, 5 1/2 inches; Depth, 2 inches. Unusually attractive instruments with the full length fingerboard and scale of the regular mandolin but in a size that will fit in the ordinary traveling bag or suitcase."; linked from Gregg Miner. . . . and more mandolinettos!. Miner Music.
  • Gregg Miner. Piccolo Mandolin. Miner Music. "The label on this little guy says "The Brilliantone Mando, L.H. Leland". ... This is a true piccolo, with a scale length of 10-1/2". In the photo below, I lined up the three bridges. Compare the scale length next to a Gibson F4 (13-7/8") and the German "piccolo" (really "pocket") mandolin (12-7/8")."

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