DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • PhylumChordata • SubphylumVertebrata • InfraphylumGnathostomata • SuperclassisOsteichthyes • ClassisActinopterygii • SubclassisNeopterygii • InfraclassisTeleostei • SuperordoAcanthopterygii • OrdoCyprinodontiformes • Familia: Poeciliidae Garman, 1895
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Included genera (for FishBase):
Alfaro, Aplocheilichthys, Belonesox, Brachyrhaphis, Carlhubbsia, Cnesterodon, Fluviphylax, Gambusia, Girardinus, Heterandria, Heterophallus, Hylopanchax, Hypsopanchax, Lamprichthys, Limia, Micropanchax, Micropoecilia, Neoheterandria, Pamphorichthys, Pantanodon, Phallichthys, Phalloceros, Phalloptychus, Phallotorynus, Plataplochilus, Platypanchax, Poecilia, Poeciliopsis, Poropanchax, Priapella, Priapichthys, Procatopus, Pseudopoecilia, Quintana, Scolichthys, Tomeurus, Xenodexia, Xenophallus, Xiphophorus
Included subfamilies (for ITIS):
Aplocheilichthyinae, Poeciliinae, Procatopodinae
Included subfamilies (for WoRMS):
Aplocheilichthyinae, Fluviphylacinae, Poeciliinae, Procatopodinae


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