APG IV Classification: DomainEukaryota • (unranked)Archaeplastida • RegnumPlantae • Cladusangiosperms • Claduseudicots • Claduscore eudicots • Cladussuperasterids • OrdoCaryophyllales • FamiliaCaryophyllaceae • SubfamiliaParonychioideae • TribusPolycarpeae • Genus: Polycarpaea Lam.
Calycotropis Turcz.
Reesia Ewart
Robbairea Boiss.
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Included species (for GRIN):
P. corymbosa, P. nivea
Included species (for The Plant List):
P. corymbosa, P. douliotii, P. eriantha, P. gaudichaudii, P. gayi, P. glabrifolia, P. grahamii, P. hassleriana, P. inaequalifolia, P. linearifolia, P. nivea, P. poggei, P. repens, P. robbairea, P. rosulans, P. spicata, P. stellata, P. tenuifolia, P. tenuistyla
Note: only species listed as 'Accepted'
Included species (for Tropicos):
P. angustipetala, P. arenaria, P. atherophora, P. aurea, P. brasiliensis, P. brevifolia, P. corymbosa, P. cuspidata, P. densiflora, P. diffusa, P. divaricata, P. djalonensis, P. douliotii, P. eriantha, P. filifolia, P. fragilis, P. frankenioides, P. gaudichaudii, P. gayi, P. glabrifolia, P. grahamii, P. grandiflora, P. grossartii, P. hassleriana, P. helichrysoides, P. holliensis, P. inaequalifolia, P. indica, P. lignosa, P. linearifolia, P. nebulosa, P. philippioides, P. platyphylla, P. poggei, P. prostrata, P. repens, P. robbairea, P. rosulans, P. rubioides, P. smithii, P. spadicea, P. spicata, P. staticiformis, P. stellata, P. stylosa, P. teneriffae, P. tenuifolia, P. tenuis, P. tenuistyla, P. tetraphylla, P. thymoidea, P. violacea
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