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Category:Popular Science Monthly illustrations


  • These sections deal with the requirements of Wikimedia Commons and the editors of Wikisource who use these images for the Wikisource, Popular Science Monthly Project.
  • Images of the Volume subcategories are exclusively for the ordered tracking of existing images, by volume and page.
  • As of October 3, 2012, the project consists 10,717 images with 87 volumes completed. Images to subsequent volumes are added periodically and initially uploaded poor quality images are being replaced with ones with improved contrast.
  • Please View history for latest changes and/or additions to this page.

Image sourceEdit

Notice The original publication duplicated images (and articles) in separate volumes. These galleries follow the duplication of images as well. Please do not remove duplicates until the project is completed. — User talk:Ineuw 04:13, 12 April 2012 (UTC)

Image naming conventionEdit

  • The following instructions take into consideration issues of case sensitivity in various operating systems.
  • Use a descriptive name which can also be used as the image description.
  • Each segment of the file name is separated by space for easy reading.
  • Image names consist of the project's abbreviated name as PSM, the volume number as V01 to V99, the .djvu number as D001 to D999 or D1001 to D9999. The numerical values of the volumes and .djvu numbers are padded to their possible limits, so that proper sequential order of their appearance is maintained.
  • This is followed by a description in which only the first letter of the first word is capitalized. Words following, regardless of normal conventions for nouns, are in lowercase.
  • The image name must not contain the period (.) ANSI 046
  • Characters are restricted to between ANSI 097 and 0122 (lowercase a to z). Do not use commas, apostrophes, periods, or hyphens, regardless of impropriety for reasons mentioned above.
  • Additional names can be added by using #REDIRECT.

Image preparationEdit

  • Internet Archive originals are in .JP2 format and their numbers should correspond to the .djvu page numbers but not always do due to scanning errors. In case of errors the images must be renumbered to match the .djvu numbers of the volume.
  • Photos are to be grayscale, .JPG or .PNG, but drawings are always grayscale .PNG and compressed Optimal 256 color grayscale in the final save depending on the content. Regardless of the format, images should be compressed for faster uploads.
  • Image preparation involves naming according to the above specified conventions, trimmed of excess framing, cleaned, contrasted, categorized and then uploaded.
  • Images uploaded by User:Ineuw were processed with IrfanView in Windows, but any software in any OS can do the same process. If help is required with this software, contact User:Ineuw.


  • Images are first categorized by volume.
  • Must have a minimum of one additional category by topic.
  • Categories assigned to uploaded images are FOUND HERE.
  • Additional categories manage the IMAGES OF CONTRIBUTORS, and UNUSED IMAGES.

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