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English: C844 OBG is an example of an early British midibus, built by the Quest 80 company based in Telford. The company specialised in using Ford parts and chain driven transmissions, but the buses suffered from reliability issues, and C844 OBG proved to be their last ever bus built before folding in 1985. C844 OBG was a 'Type B' chassis, with a body by Locomotors. The body was one of the first to feature a kneeling suspension and an extending ramp incorporated in its front entrance, to enable wheelchair access. It was one of 6 delivered to Merseyside PTE in 1985 for use as shuttle buses to the Internation Garden Festival site in Liverpool. The batch were numbered 0082 to 0087, registered B927-932 KWM. Due to a late delivery, 0087 (B932 KWM) was re-registered C844 OBG. 0087 never actually enetered service with the PTE, while the other 5 saw little use due to the reliability issues. 3 of the buses, including 0087, then passed to Millers of Foxton in the late 1980s, who used them on standard bus services in Cambridge (still in MPTE livery), under the name 'Noddy Bus'. In June 1989, 0087 was swapped for another bus from Hertfordshire operator Welwyn and Hatfield Line. When that operator sold out to Sovereign Bus & Coach in Janaury 1990, 0087 was donated by Sovereign to the north London based Unity 70 Youth Clubs for Handicapped Children, who used it for member transport. It was withdrawn in 1998 and stored in Unity 70's premises. In 2008 it was purchased for preservation by a member of the Miller family. In November 2017 it was placed on a long term loan to Merseyside Transport Trust who plan to restore it to its original Merseyside PTE livery, and running order, it remains in the ownership of Andrew Miller.

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