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In Russia the title "Knyaz" (князь, pl. князья) may refer to:

  • Князь (Prince):
    • appanage feudal princes in Medieval Rus.
    • usual title of common nobility (not royal blood). Many of them are issue of appanage feudal princes in Medieval Rus.
  • Великий князь (Velikiy knyaz, "Grand Duke"):
    • for rulers of Kievan Rus, monarchs in their own right
      • of Kiev, Vladimir, Moscow, etc.
    • for princes and princesses of Imperial House of Romanov.
  • Князь императорской крови (Knyaz imperatorskoy krovi, Prince of royal blood): for princes from Romanov House more than 4 times removed (great grandsons of any Emperor and further).

For females:

  • unmarried — княжна (knyazhna), Великая княжна (Velikaya knyazhna)
  • married — княгиня (knyaginya), Великая княгиня (Velikaya knyaginya)


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