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English: Routemaster bus RM471 (reg. KVS 601, ex-WLT 471) was delivered to London Transport in September 1960, registered as WLT 471. After final withdrawal from London service in November 1985, in March 1986 the bus went on to see further public transport use outside of London with Kelvin Scottish and later Kelvin Central Buses, then Frontline in Birmingham from March 1993, re-registered as KVS 601. With their purchase by the Badgerline Group n August 1993 it continued in use for a further year with them, before being withdrawn and then bought for preservation in October 1994. It eventually came to be one of the private hire vehicles in the small fleet of based in Peterborough, restored in original London Transport condition. In 2004 it was fitted with the rear platform from RML2710.

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