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Category:Reduced distortion of horizontal lines

Commonly, perspective control only consists of a reduction of the distortion of vertical lines.
To simulate a larger distance of the camera from the object, the distortion of the horizontal lines has to be reduced as well. (Explanation by an example: If you stand at the bottom of a rectangular tower with horiszontal top countures of the walls, you see these top lines in an angle of little more than 90°. If you stand at the same level, but in a distance of several hundred meters, you see the top line in a angles of almost 180°.)
The procedure is not possible with all objects, and it affords manual operations:
  • The photograph has to be cut at the nearest corner of the presented object (for example a building). The left and the right section have to be treated in mirrored ways.
  • Neighbouring objects have to be treated in a way that edges of similar directions have similar directions, too, in the treated photo.

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