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Category:ReformARTorchestra 'Subway Art' project 2010

reformARTorchestra (RAO) is an ensemble created by Austrian musican and composer Fritz Novotny in 1976 which is compiled on special occasions. They play free jazz and modern, including twelve-tone, music. Its musicians are mainly recruited from members of reformART unit (RAU), an ensemble co-founded by Fritz Novotny in 1965 which focuses on more classical music, in the spirit of en:Anton von Webern. Novotny quotes the term IMPROCOMPOSING. Subway, in this context, means performances created due to some events sponsored by Viennese underground. The reformART orchestra 2010 project was arranged due their starting of a 24-hrs-service on weekends, beginning from 2010-09-03.

Thisone was also a recording session. There was another similar project, several years ago, on occasion of the opening of an underground station.

Performing on 2010-09-03
  • Johannes Groysbeck: electrobassguitar, groysophon
  • Milo Fine: drums, clarinet, piano
  • Hans Heisz: drums
  • Peter A. Schmid: bassclarinet, tarogato
  • Fritz Novotny: sopranosaxophone, flute
  • Karl Vößner: english horn, oboe
  • Sepp Mitterbauer: trumpet
  • Gerhard Josef Langer: poetry
  • Marco Eneidi: altosaxophone
  • Valie Göschl: voice
  • Karl Wilhelm Krbavac: viola da gamba, piano
  • Hans Echnaton Schano: poetry
  • Shamal Amin: performance, voice
  • Nigar Hasib: performance, voice
  • Attila Lörinszky: double bass