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Category:Road trains

English: In trucking, a road train is a semi-trailer truck with more than one trailer, or a rigid truck with more than two trailers. For rigid trucks with just one trailer, see Category:Drawbar trucks. This category excludes heavy haulage combinations where multiple trailers might be present, but only for spreading the load of the main cargo through multiple axles, rather than each trailer carrying its own cargo. As well as different numbers of trailers (see Category:Road trains by number of trailers), road trains can have different trailer types for different cargos (see Category:Road trains by trailer type). They can also have different formations of truck and trailer depending on the couplings and number of axles, see Road trains by configuration for full details, or Category:B-Trains for road trains which use one or more B-Type connections between trailers.
This category also includes Category:Alaskan land train, an off road vehicle, and Category:Trackless trains, which are used for carrying people or baggage, rather than the cargo hauled by heavy truck road trains.


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