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English: Rodrigo Augusto da Silva ( Sao Paulo, December 7, 1833 — October 17, 1889) a Brazilian senator for life, minister and a privy counsellor of Emperor Peter II of Brazil. He was a member of the Silva de Carvalho family from São Paulo, the son of José Manuel da Silva (Baron of Tiete) and nephew of financier Benedito Antonio da Silva. Senator Silva is best known as the minister that authored and countersigned with Princess Isabel, then Princess Imperial Regent of Brazil the Golden Law (Lei Áurea); this law ended slavery in Brazil and in consequence the Western world. Together with his friend Antonio da Silva Prado and the Viscount of Maua he was among the promoters of the industrialization of Brazil.
Português: Conselheiro Rodrigo Augusto da Silva ( São Paulo, 7 de dezembro de 1833 — São Paulo, 17 de outubro de 1889) foi um advogado e político brasileiro, autor e co-assinante da lei Áurea.