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Category:SVG files with multiple W3C-errors

Some files contain numerous W3C-errors. The validator uses to stop error count when more than 998 errors.

Some Adobe generated files contain not only many W3C-errors but also CDATA blocks and embedded raster graphics

Most pictures in this category contain {{SVG 1.2}}-Code like vector-effect-Attribute (more infos: mozilla W3 german, f.e. File:Paris_Metro_line_2_map_(with_land_cover).svg), which is supported by most browsers and cause no problems with the Wiki-Renderer. Such errors are desired and should not be removed, but {{SVG 1.2}}-Code like flowRoot-Tags should be replaced with valid SVG 1.1 code since Text wont be displayed, and often black rectangles might appear wrongly (f.e. File:Periodic_table_vectorial.svg).


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