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In 1493 the church with monastery, dedicated to the Holy Sepulchre was built in the same place where now stands the Caserma del Sepolchro.
Consecrated in 1582, it was the reproduction of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The building, probably erected by Lombardo, was lavishly decorated with marble and paintings. After the fall of the Republic, in 1807, the complex was suppressed by the Napoleonic decrees and in 1808 it was demolished in order to build the current barracks. Today still remains the (incomplete) portal of the convent, tentatively attributed to Sansovino and the other to Vittoria. It was commissioned in 1570 by Dr. Tommaso Rangone, whose bust is preserved in the Patriarchal Seminary.
Part of the church (perhaps only the grave) was attributed to Tullio Lombardo.
The tomb was, in imitation of that of Jerusalem, made up a huge fake rough stone cave, in large blocks. A polychrome marble altar was supported by four angels. Inside the "cave", a ladder went down to the hypogeum, where was the tomb, with a figure of the dead Jesus.
Today the building still houses the F. Cornoldi barracks, seat of the Circolo Unificato dell'Esercito.

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