English: Scientia has been an international review of scientific synthesis, published in Bologna from 1911 until 1988.

From 1910 until 1911, the journal was called Rivista di Scienza.

It contains articles from Italian mathematicians as V. Volterra, G. Peano, G. Vailati, G. Castelnuovo, S. Pincherle; physicists as E. Amaldi ed Enrico Fermi; the biologist C. Golgi. Morevoer, G. Loria, R. Marcolongo, V. Ronchi, L. Geymonat. Tra gli stranieri S. Arrhenius, W. Ostwald, B. Russell, P. Langevin, H. Becquerel, J.J. Thompson, E. Rutherford, H. Lorentz, Sigmund Freud, Henri Poincaré, E. Borel, E. Picard, Ernst Mach, Albert Einstein, M. Debroglie, A. Eddington, C. Fabry, Werner Heisenberg; and the Vienna circle founders Rudolf Carnap, Otto Neurath, Ph. Frank.

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