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Seer Systems is software technology company founded in 1992 by Stanley Jungleib, a staff of Sequential Cuircuits.

Seer Systems developed the world’s first commercial software synthesizer in the early 1990’s. Working in conjunction with w:en:Intel, then w:en:Creative Labs, and finally as an independent software developer and retailer, Seer helped lay the groundwork for a major shift in synthesis technology: using personal computers, rather than dedicated synthesizer keyboards, to create music.


  • 1992 - Seer Systems was founded by Stanley Jungleib for Intel's software synthesizer project.
  • 1993 - software General MIDI synthesizer was developed for Intel
  • 1994 - Satie was demonstrated by Intel at Comdex.
  • 1995 - Dave Smith (founder of SCI) joined as President
  • 1996 - Creative WaveSynth (for Creative Labs AWE64)
using Sondius Wave Guide technology of CCRMA
  • 1997 - Reality, a professional software synthesizer for Pentium.
supported synthesis: PCM, subtractive, modal , FM, physical modeling
  • 1998 - SeerMusic, a music streaming software
combining MIDI, sample, and synthesis parameters
  • 1999 - SurReal, a playback version of the Reality



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