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English: Sesson Shukei (orig. Satake Heizo) (1504-1589) was a Japanese Zen monk and painter from the Muromachi period born in what is modern day Ibaragi Prefecture. His works are classic examples of Japanese ink painting which was imported via many artists from China (and produced many landscapes). (→Sesson Shukei)
Français : Sesson Shukei, de son vrai nom Satake, noms de pinceaux Sesson, Shûkyosai, Shûkai et Kakusen-Rôjin, né vers 1504, mort après 1589, est un peintre japonais du . (→Sesson Shukei)
日本語: 雪村(せっそん、 永正元年(1504年)? - 天正17年(1589年)頃)は、室町時代後期・戦国時代水墨画家、僧侶雪村周継とも称す。 (→雪村)