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Category:Ships of the City Line

"City Line. This line was founded in 1839 by Messrs. George Smith and Sons, and subsequently sold in 1901 to Messrs. J. R. Ellerman. The line comprises a fleet of 22 steamers plying between Glasgow, Liverpool, London, and Calcutta, Bombay, Kurrachee.

City of Athens.
City of Benares.
City of Bombay.
City of Calcutta.
City of Cambridge.
City of Corinth.
City of Delhi.
City of Dundee.
City of Edinburgh.
City of Glasgow.
City of York.
City of Karachi.
City of Khios.
City of Luchnow.
City of Madrid.
City of Manchester.
City of Oxford.
City of Perth.
City of Sparta.
City of Vienna.
City of Venice.
Gross tonnage, 108,000." [1]


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