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English: Sokollu Mehmet Paşa (born 1506 - died 1579, Istanbul) was an important 16th century Ottoman statesman. He was commander of the imperial guard (1543-1546), High Admiral of the Fleet (1546-1551), Governor-General of Rumelia (1551-1555), Third Vizier (1555-1561), Second Vizier (1561-1565) and as Grand Vizier (1565-1579) to three Sultans: Suleiman the Magnificent, Selim II, and Murad III. He was assassinated in 1579, ending a 15-year reign as the de facto ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Sokollu Mehmed Pasha 
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
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Date of birth1505
Sokolovići, Sokolac (Ottoman Empire, Sanjak of Bosnia)
Бајица Ненадић
Date of death11 October 1579
Istanbul (Ottoman Empire, Rumelia Eyalet)
  • homicide
  • stab wound
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
Educated at
  • Enderun School
Position held
Native language
  • Sokulluzade Hasan Pasha
  • Esmehan Sultan
Authority control
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Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (es); Szokoli Mehmed (hu); Sokollu Mehmet Paşa (ca); Sokollu Mehmed Pascha (de-ch); Sokollu Mehmed Pascha (de); Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (en-gb); Мехмед-паша Соколовић (sr-ec); 索库鲁·穆罕默德帕夏 (zh); Mehmed Pașa (ro); ソコルル・メフメト・パシャ (ja); Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (sv); Мехмед-паша Соколович (uk); 소콜루 메흐메트 파샤 (ko); Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (en-ca); Mehmed Paša Sokolović (cs); Mehmed-paša Sokolović (bs); Sokollu Mehmed Pascià (it); Mehmed pacha Sokolović (fr); Mehmed-paša Sokolović (hr); Mehmed-paša Sokolović (sh); Sokollu Mehmed Paşa (tr); Sokollu Mehmet Paxá (pt); Соколлу Мехмед паша (bg); Mehmed-paša Sokolović (sr-el); صوقلو محمد پاشا (ur); Мехмед-паша Соколовић (sr); Mehmed Paša Sokolović (sl); Соколлу Мехмед-паша (ru); Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (ms); Мехмед Паша Соколовиќ (mk); Sokollu Mehmet Paşa (id); Sokollu Mehmed Pasza (pl); Sokollu Mehmet Paşa (nl); Sokullu Mehmed Paşa (az); מהמט סוקולו פאשה (he); سوکولو محمد پاشا (fa); სოკოლუ მეჰმედ-ფაშა (ka); Mehmed Pacha Sokolović (oc); Sokollu Mehmed Pasha (en); صقللي محمد باشا (ar); Σοκολού Μεχμέτ Πασάς (el); Mehmed pašša Sokolović (fi) politico ottomano (it); osmanischer Großwesir (de); wielki wezyr Imperium Osmańskiego (pl); Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire (en); صدر أعظم عثماني (ar); μεγάλος βεζίρης της Οθωμανικής Αυτοκρατορίας (el); politicus uit Ottomaanse Rijk (1505-1579) (nl) Mehmed Pascià Sokolović, Sokollu mehmet, Mehmed Paşa Sokolovič, Mehmed Pascià Sokolovič, Sokollu, Mehmed Paša Sokolović, Mehmed Sokollu (it); Sokullu Mehmed pacha, Mehmed Sokolli, Mehmed Paša Sokolović, Sokollu Mehmed pacha, Mehmed pacha Sokolovic (fr); Sokollu Mehmed Paşa, Sokollu Mehmet Pasha (ms); Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic, Sokollu Mehmed Paşa, Mehmed Sokollu Pascha, Mehmed-pasa Sokolovic, Sokollu Mehmed Pasa, Mehmed Paša Sokolović, Mehmed-paša Sokolović, Sokollu, Mehmed Sokollu (de); Sokollu Mehmet Pasha (pt); Мехмед паша Соколович, Мехмед паша - Соколлу (bg); Мехмед соколовић, Sokollu Mehmet Paşa, Бајо Ненадић, Бајица Ненадић, Мехмед паша Соколовић (sr); Sokollu Mehmet Paşa, Sokullu Mehmed Paşa, Sokullu Mehmet Paşa, Sokullu, Bayo Sokoloviç (tr); محمد صوقوللی, صوقوللی, صوقوللی پاشا (ur); Соколлу, Мехмед-паша, Мехмед-паша Соколлу, Соколлу Мехмет-паша Тавил, Мехмед-паша, Мехмет-паша соколы, Мехмед Соколлу, Мехмед Паша Соколович, Мехмед Соколли, Мехмед-паша Соколович, Соколлу Мехмед Паша (ru); Mehmed paša Sokolović (sh); Mehmed Paša Sokolović (sv); Mehmed Sokollu (pl); Мехмед-паша Соколлу, Соколлу, Соколлу Мехмед-паша, Соколович Мехмед-паша (uk); Sokollu Mehmet Pasa, Mehmet Sokullu (nl); Mehmed Pacha Sokolovic (oc); Sokollu Mehmet Paşa (sl); Sokollu Mehmed Paşa, Sokollu Mehmed Pasha, Mehmed Paša Sokolović, Mehmed-paša Sokolović, Sokollu Mehmet Paixà (ca); 메흐메드 파샤 소콜루 (ko); Sokollu Mehmed Paşa (en); سوقولو محمد باشا, Sokollu Mehmed Paşa, محمد باشا الصقلي, صوكوللو محمد باشا, محمد باشا السلوفاكي, صوكولو محمد باشا (ar); Μεχμέτ Πασάς Σοκόλοβιτς, Μεχμέτ Σοκολού (el); Mehmed Paša Sokolović (bs)


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