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English: St Margaret's Hope, known locally as The Hope (pronounced "Hup"), is a village in the Orkney Islands, situated off the north-east coast of Scotland. It has a population of about 550, making it Orkney's third largest settlement after Kirkwall and Stromness.
Norsk bokmål: St. Margaret's Hope, lokalt omtalt som The Hope ( engelsk: Håpet), er en landsby på Orknøyene. St. Margaret's Hope er Orknøyenes tredje største bebyggelse, etter Kirkwall og Stromness. Befolkning på ca 550. Byen ligger på nordsiden av South Ronaldsey og er øyas største tettsted.
Scots: St Margaret's Hup, kent locally as The Hup, is a clachan in the Orkney Islands, situate aff the north-aest coast o Scotland. It is Orkney's third maist muckle settlement, efter Kirkwa an Stromness. It haes a population o aboot 550, an is placed at the heid o a sheltered bey at the north end o Sooth Ronaldsay, aff Water Soond. It is Sooth Ronaldsay's main veelage, an is named efter Margaret o Norrowey that dee'd there. The veelage haes a primary schuil, a smaw blacksmith's museum, a nummer o shops an restaurants includin the merkit Creel Inn. A ferry service rins tae Gills Bey on the Scots mainland three times a day, wi an average time o an oor ae-wey.
Svenska: St. Margaret's Hope (lokalt The Hope) är en ort på Orkneyöarna, Skottland.

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